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Hi, My name is Kim Isaac Greenblatt. I am the father of a daughter who has Rett Syndrome. We LOVE your dripstiks. Girls with Rett Syndrome have a hard time holding things in their hands, due to the nature of Rett Syndrome. Rett affects a girl born every 15 minutes in the world. Boys born with the Rett gene die at birth. For the first time in 12 years, Arianna was able to hold a popsicle in her hand and actually enjoy it. Your product is great!

Kim Isaac Greenblat

“My kids actually show visitors our Dripstiks when they come over. They will not eat a Popsicle without it. It helps the baby to have a treat without it touching her hands. She got frostbite once without the Dripstik! I just think it’s the coolest thing. Thanks!”

Natasha Clark, mother of four

“I recently purchased a set of four of your Dripstik. I just want to Tell you that this is the best invention ever and how much I love them. My 2 year old son will now only eat his popsicle with the Dripstik. He Even goes and get one himself. I have passed your website to all my Friends!!”

Shelley Weingarden

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of the dripstik. My family lives in Louisiana, so they sure do melt fast, and make a huge mess, but now that we have the dripstiks even my 1 year old can enjoy a nice cold Popsicle on a really hot day, the only difference now is that I actually let them eat inside now. thank you very much.

The Polanski Family ( Bridget, Joey, Angie, Abbie, and Dylon.)

I finally got to have my girls use their Dripstik’s today when we went to have ice cream. I loved the concept of the product, but after seeing it work in person I love it even more and to think of all the messes and stains I could have avoided in the past. My youngest likes those character popsicles and has never been able to eat one without a huge mess, until today. I only wish I took one for myself cause I was the one who’s choc. coating was falling on the gound as my kids sat there mess free…lol! I just wanted to thank you again for creating such a fantastic product! Have a great weekend! Take Care


Jack, my oldest son, just came home from school. Immediately they all wanted popsicles.That’s his uniform shirt! That child comes home with stains of colors I didn’t even know existed. That actually was the cleanest popsicle event ever held in our house. Way to go!

Laura Hamrick, mother of 3 sons

I just wanted to Thank You again for the Dripstiks I won in your contest! They are the neatest thing! We have all been using them around here! What an awesome idea they are! Why can’t I come up with something neat like this?! LOL! Anyways, thanks so much! We’ll get lots of use out of these….We love our ice cream!

Sara Lily

Dear Mrs. Price,
Thank you for letting Riegan bring Dripstiks to school because my mom will really like that. I will use it a lot becuase I always eat Popsicles and fudge bars. You must have a goo dmind to come up with something called a Dripstik . You are very nice, thank you very much!

Claire, age 8

Dear Mecinna Price,
I got two Dripstiks for Christmas and I use them a lot. You are a good inventor. Today we had Popsicles and used them. I went to St. Louis and used them. They worked great. I mean really, really, really great. From, Keaghan, age 8 Dear Mrs. Price, Thank you for making the Dripstik. Where did you get the idea to invent that? What are you going to invent next? That Dripstik is a really good idea. The perfect Christmas present. Our whole class had them and noone made a single drop on the floor.

Dakota J. age 8

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